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Lime Essential Oil by Rumah Atsiri

Lime Essential Oil by Rumah Atsiri

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Citrus aurantifolia

The invigorating aroma of Lime essential oil, that is both tangy and sweet, helps improve mood, reduce stress, and promote mental clarity and focus. Diluting lime essential oil in a carrier oil and massaging it onto the abdomen can provide digestive relief. It also assists in protecting the body against common infections and bolstering overall immune function.

Aroma Lime yang menyegarkan, tajam, manis, membantu meningkatkan suasana hati, mengurangi stres, dan meningkatkan kejernihan mental dan fokus. Setelah diencerkan, memijat Lime ke perut dapat meredakan masalah pencernaan. Ia juga melindungi tubuh terhadap infeksi umum dan memperkuat fungsi kekebalan tubuh.

Digestive Support
Respiratory Support
Immune Support

Key Emotions


How to use

Aromatic Use

Simply inhaling the aroma can have certain effects on our mind, body, and soul. Our sense of smell is the most sensitive of the five senses, allowing the aroma to travel through internal cells and interact with the limbic system, resulting in a desired emotional response. Diffusion is the most effective and efficient way to enjoy essential oils. Using a special diffusing device allows us to experience the aromatic benefits for an extended period of time.

Topical Use

Essential oils are easily absorbed into the skin, so it's important to understand the nature of the oil, your sensitivity, and the maximum safe usage for each oil. When using essential oils topically, it's crucial to keep the safe amount-per-day guidelines in mind.

Maximum Dermal Use

The maximum dermal use level for Lime essential oil is typically recommended at 0.7%.

The maximum dermal use of an essential oil refers to the highest safe percentage or amount that can be applied topically to the skin. For instance, a maximum dermal use of 1% means that the essential oil should be diluted in a carrier oil so that it constitutes 1% or less of the total amount for topical use.

Maximum dermal use untuk minyak esensial Lime biasanya direkomendasikan sebesar 0,7%.

Safety & Precautions

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or UV rays for at least 12 hours after topical application.
May cause skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.
Excessive inhalation may cause respiratory irritation in some individuals.
Always store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children and pets.

Hindari paparan langsung sinar matahari atau sinar UV selama 12 jam setelah aplikasi topikal.
Dapat menyebabkan iritasi kulit bagi mereka yang memiliki kulit sensitif.
Menghirup secara berlebihan dapat menyebabkan iritasi pernafasan pada beberapa individu.

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