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1963 Aroma Tisane by Rumah Atsiri

1963 Aroma Tisane by Rumah Atsiri

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1963 robust and citrusy scent represents a refreshing and evocative aroma of lemon in collaboration with the exotic and tropical fragrance of lemongrass. This signature series celebrates the history of our factory that stretches back to 1963.

Our 1963 tisane is best to consume when you feel a little drowsy and need to be awake in the morning. The delicate and strong taste will bring your awareness back. Best served with a mix of honey.

Atsiri Shop provides various products from essential oil plants and the derivative products; one is a tisane, an infusion of plant parts, such as leaves, bark, root, or even seeds. It is also popularly known as herbal tea.
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  • Vegan

  • No Animal Testing

  • Natural