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Tea and Tea Blend

Which one would you choose, a single-origin, tisane, or a tea blend? 

Single-origin is a brew of Camellia Sinensis leaves, while tisane is a brew from plants other than it. Not merely leaves, tisane could be a mix of flowers,  petals, or fruits. Apart from them, a tea blend is a mix between those two brews. All of them are available and could be enjoyed at Rumah Atsiri Indonesia.

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Atsiri Black Tea
Atsiri Black Tea   Plucked from the upper leaf and the next two leaves of Camelia Sinensis var. Assamica plants, Atsiri Black Tea is Organically grown with natural fertilizer. With 60-80% oxidation, the brown brew has a robust taste with a floral hint.   Ingredients: 100% Bl..
Rp 40.000
Atsiri Green Tea
Atsiri Green Tea Atsiri Green Tea produced from the upper leaf and the next two leaves of Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica plants. Organically grown without chemical pesticides, this 20% oxidized tea is rich in nutrients with a strong umami taste from the golden yellow honey brew. Ingredients: ..
Rp 40.000

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