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Our Do-It-Yourself Kit is a series of products that could be made at home by the very own scientist: you. Experience the process of making your creation of bath bomb, slime, and other derivative products from essential oil, or try growing your Atsiri plants.

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RAI & LL - Bath Bomb & Playdough Soap Kit
Sensory Fun Bath merupakan sesi mandi yang menawarkan penjelajahan sensori bagi si kecil, terutama indera penciuman dan peraba. Bath bomb dan playdough soap adalah salah satu pelengkap ritual mandi yang bisa membuat sesi bermain air jadi lebih menyenangkan!   Bath bomb adalah bola yang di..
Rp 355.000
RAI & LL - Cocodama + Macrame KIT
Kokedama adalah seni bercocok tanam gaya Jepang. Dalam Bahasa Jepang, koke berarti lumut dan dama berarti bola. Salah satu pengembangan dari kokedama adalah Cocodama yang menggantikan penggunaan lumut dengan sabut kelapa atau cocofiber. Sementara Macramé adalah keraji..
Rp 315.000
Hand Sanitizer KIT
Market products hand sanitizer are loaded with chemicals that can wreak havoc on everything from skin to hormones. This natural hand sanitizer uses natural antimicrobial essential oils to kill germs. Witch hazel acts as a second barrier of defense against germs. Aloe Vera and glycerine will help to ..
Rp 150.000
Face Mask
This kit gives an introduction to essential oil's applications in our daily lives as one of the ingredients for healthier skin. Essential oils contain anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti oxidant properties that help to restore the skin to its natural glow when applied topically. When brea..
Rp 150.000
Bath Bomb Kit
The essential oils contained in the fragrance will give you relaxation and many benefits for the body. Also, a bath bomb will produce much fizz, and it will be fun to play with. Since the ingredients used came from natural ingredients, this product is safe for you.   Included in this kit:..
Rp 150.000
Playdough Soap
Soap is used to clean your body. This playdough soap is just one of the soap forms that cleanses your body effectively and also lifts your mood and your creativity. The olive oil is added to add more benefits for your skin and to keep the moisture inside the soap. The essential oils contained in..
Rp 150.000
Bath Salt Kit
This kit gives an introduction to essential oil applications in our daily lives as aromatherapy. Essential oil helps you relax and offer other benefits for your body. The main ingredient of this kit is SEA SALT, widely known for its high minerals. Such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur that are ..
Rp 150.000
Hand Soap Kit
Essential Oils have a distinctive aroma that will make handwashing soaps more fun. The soap will have a pleasant smell, and the compound content in essential oil can benefit both the skin and work as an antibacterial.   Included in this kit: Texapone 50 gr Glycerin 20 ml EDTA 1 gr N..
Rp 150.000
Soap Bar Kit
The essential oils in your soap will make you feel relax and carry many benefits to your body. The natural ingredients are also safe for your skin.   Soap is made from the vegetable oils that react with the salt through the process called saponification. This process made up all the foam ..
Rp 150.000
Aromatic Slime Kit
Slime is one of the non-newtonian fluid that neither a liquid nor a solid. Sometimes they can be vicious, and other times can flow easily between the substance. Slime does not have its own shape and can also change its shape to fill whatever container it is placed in.   Included in this k..
Rp 150.000
Cocodama Kit
Kokedama is an art of planting in sparse space. In Japanese, ‘Koke’ means moss and ‘Dama’ means ball. One of the developments of the kokedama technique is cocodama that uses coconut fiber as the media. Included in this kit: 1. Cocopeat 2. Hook 3. String 4. Fishing Li..
Rp 65.000

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